WellBEING Testimonies

Stress and High Blood Pressure | Joy and Peace


Men with growing families often feel the pressure even under normal circumstances. 

Add to that, numerous stressors going on at once and the weight of it all is enough to begin presenting physically in the form of High Blood Pressure or otherwise. 

This was the doctor’s conclusion with a recent case in which the source was indicated as “STRESS” Hence, the reason for an appointment.

"How are you feeling about all that?"

“Frustrated, angry, helpless, aggravated, regretful, sad, feeling like I failed…”

Utilizing emotional wellness steps during the appointment helped emotions of Joy, Peace and Strength begin to emerge within the hour.

At the end of the appointment, "So how do you feel now?"

“Hopeful. Good. Pleasant. Thankful.”

To the LORD be all the glory!

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