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women, ABUSE, suicides, biology and relationships

The Cost of Toxic Relationships

Exerts from the Book:  The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, Leslie Vernick

"It is important that you know that "wife abuse accounts for 25 percent of suicides by all U.S. women, and 50 percent of suicides by African-American women."

-Catherine Clark Kroeger, "Divorce, Domestic Violence and Saddleback Church," PASCH Newsletter, January/February 2009, 4-5. 

"Lack of an intimate, confiding relationship as well as overt marital disputes, have been shown to be related to depression in women. In fact, rates of depression were shown to be highest amount unhappily married women."

-The National Institute on Mental Health, "Women and Depression," Psych Central, last modified January 30, 2013,

Psychologist Daniel Goleman says it is now scientifically demonstrated that relationships shape our experience and also our biology. He notes, "Nourishing relationships have a beneficial impact on our health, while toxic ones can act like slow poison in our bodies."

-Daniel Goleman, Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships (New York: Bantam Dell, 2006), 5.

Relationship Ready Map

The Relationship Ready Map 12-Week Program is available to help you begin healing and recovery.