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"As a Certified Psychiatric Nurse with over 15 years treating patients with traditional methods I can honestly say Coach Paula's method of coaching is significantly more effective.

Before I started working with Coach Paula, I was burdened by fear that stemmed from my childhood. I tried on my own but was unable to master the fear and the resulting physical symptoms which included multiple allergies and arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats, abnormal rhythms).

After identifying the source of the fear, she led me through a series of approaches to interrupt the negative recordings that had played havoc on my body and life

We set a goal for me to have the ability to recall the traumatic event with a reduced intensity of negative emotions and fear. The goal was accomplished very quickly. I can now recall the event with absolutely no recurrence of symptoms. 

I am forever grateful for Coach Paula's expertise in the field of heart healing and for her passion to see others healed and whole. Not only have I gained freedom, but I have gained a wealth of knowledge from this amazing coach."

Wanda M., Registered Nurse, Macon GA

Panic Attack

1 Year + followup. 

“I am doing better. None of the circumstances in my life have changed.

Much less anxiety since our session (15 months prior). I don't have panic attacks anymore. Trusting God more!”  

And how long did you have panic attacks? 

"Probably about 20 Years."

Mom/Grandmother, Georgia


Fear of Flying

"Could this (phobia) be gone already?" 

And in fact, it was. Gone!

Debbie, Metro Atlanta


Audio Interview Coach Paula |

Hi! I'm Coach Paula.

Have you noticed that people all around us are falling apart emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually? Have you ever felt that way?

As the founder and specialized Coach with Abundant Life, I have coached nationally and internationally since 2007.  

Many clients have tried Counselors, Therapists and Doctors and are still Stuck, Stressed, Struggling, or in Pain and nothing has really worked.  

As a woman I've found that life has not always been easy to navigate.  

I have been through childhood, adolescent and adulthood abuse and trauma. I know the depth of the emotional rollercoaster ride. The uncertainty. The stressors. And I've learned 'You Can Make It Through!!'    

Coaching has opened doors for me to work with a wide variety of people. I've discovered that no matter the age or country, religious or non-religious, women deal with the same issues.

Through my professional training and experience I've learned personally how to calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and get nagging thoughts and flashbacks to minimize and disappear, restoring Peace and Clarity.

As a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, a Relief Specialist in Chronic Stress and Pain, Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, Emotional Freedom, Anger, Unwanted Thought Patterns and Triggers, I walk Women and Students through Practical and Powerful Steps to a More Abundant Life! 

My ideal client says, "I can't live this way anymore... something has to change now."  

Let me help you launch forward into your God-given Dreams and Life Goals and experience the Measurable Results.  


  • Certified Professional Christian Life Coach through Bethesda Coaching Association, by The Board of Christian Life Coaches and The American Association of Christian Counselors. (Professional and Master Certified)

  • Life Coach Training Institute, by the International Association of Certified Coaches.

  • 4-Year Apprenticeship with a Naturopathic Doctor on the international ministry field. Learning the use of natural resources as medicine, Brain Balancing and Rewiring, and addressing emotions and traumas for Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health.



Teen Anxiety

Personal Intensive Results

Helplessness Relief

Teenager with social anxiety and always feeling unsafe.

90 days and 12 sessions later, she is feeling safe and a lot less anxiety. That was her goal!

Helplessness Relief

Personal Intensive Results

Helplessness Relief

I met with Coach Paula about a year ago after hearing of the emotional and heart healing work she does. I had been plagued with memories concerning a child in my family. There had been emotional and psychological abuse going on and I felt as though I couldn't stop it from happening ... (continue)

Personal Intensive Results

Personal Intensive Results

Personal Intensive Results

Skull sinking in upon laying down. "I was about to go to the doctor but I was so scared." The woman's cousin said, ..."The Lord is sending someone to help you." An email arrived from Paula saying, "... I'm to come and help you with deep emotional hurts."  She ... facilitated a Personal Intensive.  So, what happened on Day 2? (continue)

Panic Attack to Peace

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

Personal Intensive Results

"... all of my fears and anxiety were gone after the (2 hour) session. I feel completely restored." (continue)

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

I am honored and genuinely excited to highly endorse Coach Paula! Paula has a masterful skill set of training and experiences. She provides sage counsel and skilled strategies that have helped me to 'see more clearly' and to move in divine optimal physical health. Recently, I began ... (continue)

Twelve In One

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

Restored Peace, Joy, Confidence

"Working with Coach Paula is like getting 12 appointments in 1."



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Special Interest

  If you or someone you know has Hodgkin's Disease, Leukemia or Fibromyalgia, I'd like to connect with you please. I have a few questions. I have interest in getting to the root cause.  Email or book a Consultation.


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Teens, Students, Friends

Abuse Survivors

Abuse Survivors

Teens, Students, Friends

Abuse Survivors

Teens, Students, Friends

Teens, Students, Friends

Teens, Students, Friends